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Catalyst-free synthesis of nitrogen-doped graphene via thermal annealing graphite oxide with melamine and its excellent electrocatalysis.
The electronic and chemical properties of graphene can be modulated by chemical doping foreign atoms and functional moieties. The general approach to the synthesis of nitrogen-doped graphene (NG),Expand
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Synthesis of boron doped graphene for oxygen reduction reaction in fuel cells
Boron atoms, with strong electron-withdrawing capability, are doped into graphene frameworks forming boron doped graphene (BG) via a catalyst-free thermal annealing approach in the presence of boronExpand
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Energy Level Engineering of MoS2 by Transition-Metal Doping for Accelerating Hydrogen Evolution Reaction.
  • Y. Shi, Y. Zhou, +6 authors H. Chen
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Journal of the American Chemical Society
  • 19 October 2017
Water-splitting devices for hydrogen generation through electrolysis (hydrogen evolution reaction, HER) hold great promise for clean energy. However, their practical application relies on theExpand
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Synthesis of nitrogen doped graphene with high electrocatalytic activity toward oxygen reduction reaction
Abstract A novel strategy for fabricating nitrogen doped graphene sheets has been developed using graphite oxide as the carbon source and urea as the nitrogen source via hydrothermal approach. ThisExpand
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Degradation and solubilization of Chinese lignite by Penicillium sp. P6
Penicillium sp. P6, isolated from coal mine soil at the Qiantong colliery, Liaoning Province, Northwest China, can degrade Chinese lignite in 36 h on a plate colony and in 48 h, using a four-dayExpand
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Electrochemical assessment of electrochemical oxidation stability of self-assembled monolayers on gold and preparation of binary self-assembled monolayers on gold
Abstract Binary thiolates self-assembled monolayers (SAMs) on gold have been prepared efficiently by using an electrochemical oxidation combining with replacement reaction method. The electrochemicalExpand
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A simple, disposable microfluidic device for rapid protein concentration and purification via direct-printing.
A facile and disposable microfluidic device for rapid protein concentration was fabricated by using a direct printing process. Two printed V-shaped microchannels in mirror image orientation wereExpand
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Bioinspired copper catalyst effective for both reduction and evolution of oxygen.
In many green electrochemical energy devices, the conversion between oxygen and water suffers from high potential loss due to the difficulty in decreasing activation energy. Overcoming this issueExpand
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Graphene-Ruthenium(II) complex composites for sensitive ECL immunosensors.
Non-covalent modification method has been proven as an effective strategy for enhancing the chemical properties of graphene while the structure and electronic properties of graphene can be retained.Expand
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Functional Interface of Ferric Ion Immobilized on Phosphonic Acid Terminated Self-Assembled Monolayers on a Au Electrode for Detection of Hydrogen Peroxide
It is reported that inorganic ferric ion immobilized onto a phosphonic acid terminated functional interface can communicate an electron with the electrode and its electrochemistry is very similar toExpand
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