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Impact of Online Consumer Reviews on Sales: The Moderating Role of Product and Consumer Characteristics
Abstract This article examines how product and consumer characteristics moderate the influence of online consumer reviews on product sales using data from the video game industry. The findingsExpand
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Group Size and Incentives to Contribute: A Natural Experiment at Chinese Wikipedia
The literature of private provision of public goods suggests that incentive to contribute is inversely related to group size. This paper empirically tests this relationship using field data fromExpand
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Entry into Platform-Based Markets
This paper seeks to understand when an entrant with superior quality can successfully enter a platform-based market. We analyze a model where an entrant platform with superior quality competes withExpand
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Business Model Innovation and Competitive Imitation: The Case of Sponsor-Based Business Models
This paper provides the first formal model of business model innovation. Our analysis focuses on sponsor-based business model innovations where a firm monetizes its product through sponsors ratherExpand
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Strategies to Fight Ad-Sponsored Rivals
We analyze the optimal strategy of a high-quality incumbent that faces a low-quality ad-sponsored competitor. Expand
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Competing with Complementors: An Empirical Look at Amazon.com∗
Platform owners sometimes enter complementors’ product spaces to compete against them directly. Prior studies have offered two possible explanations for such entries: Platform owners may target theExpand
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Responses to Entry in Multi-Sided Markets: The Impact of Craigslist on Local Newspapers
We exploit temporal and geographical variation in Craigslist's entry to show that newspapers with greater reliance on classified- ad revenue experience a larger drop in classified-ad rates after Craigslist's Entry. Expand
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The Influence of Online Consumer Reviews on the Demand for Experience Goods: The Case of Video Games
We examine the effect of online consumer reviews on the sales of video games and take a differences-in-differences approach to a structural model of game demand. Expand
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Ad Revenue and Content Commercialization: Evidence from Blogs
Many scholars argue that when incentivized by ad revenue, content providers are more likely to tailor their content to attract “eyeballs,” and as a result, popular content may be excessivelyExpand
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Threat of platform‐owner entry and complementor responses: Evidence from the mobile app market
How do complementors respond to the threat of platform owner entry, and how do such responses differ from the responses to actual entry? We examine how app developers on the mobile platform AndroidExpand
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