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Virtualization is often used in cloud computing platforms for its several advantages in efficiently managing resources. However, virtualization raises certain additional challenges, and one of them is lack of power metering for virtual machines (VMs). Power management requirements in modern data centers have led to most new servers providing power usage(More)
Energy consumption in hosting Internet services is becoming a pressing issue as these services scale up. Dynamic server provisioning techniques are effective in turning off unnecessary servers to save energy. Such techniques, mostly studied for request-response services, face challenges in the context of connection servers that host a large number of(More)
This paper proposes a vehicle-to-vehicle communication protocol for cooperative collision warning. Emerging wireless technologies for vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-to-roadside (V2R) communications such as DSRC are promising to dramatically reduce the number of fatal roadway accidents by providing early warnings. One major technical challenge(More)
BACKGROUND Antiplatelet therapy and antithrombin therapy have been demonstrated to reduce the risk of cardiac events in patients presenting with acute coronary syndrome, yet all effective therapies also increase the risk of bleeding. METHODS AND RESULTS In the Clopidogrel in Unstable angina to prevent Recurrent ischemic Events (CURE) trial, 12 562(More)
This paper describes two novel techniques, information-driven sensor querying (IDSQ) and constrained anisotropic diffusion routing (CADR), for energy-efficient data querying and routing in ad hoc sensor networks for a range of collabora-tive signal processing tasks. The key idea is to introduce an information utility measure to select which sensors to query(More)
This paper presents a class of signal processing techniques for collaborative signal processing in ad hoc sensor networks, focusing on a vehicle tracking application. In particular, we study two types of commonly used sensors—acoustic-amplitude sensors for target distance estimation and direction-of-arrival sensors for bearing estimation—and investigate how(More)
Many advances in science come from observing previously unobserved phenomena. To observe such phenomena in high spatio-temporal resolution, environmental scientists, for example, have started using densely deployed (typically wireless) sensor networks. Such sensors are capable of revealing the complex interactions between atmospheric and land surface(More)
Although domestic violence is an increasing public health concern in developing countries, evidence from representative, community-based studies is limited. In a survey of 5109 women of reproductive age in the Rakai District of Uganda, 30% of women had experienced physical threats or physical abuse from their current partner--20% during the year before the(More)
This paper addresses reliable and accurate indoor localization using inertial sensors commonly found on commodity smartphones. We believe indoor positioning is an important primitive that can enable many ubiquitous computing applications. To tackle the challenges of drifting in estimation, sensitivity to phone position, as well as variability in user(More)