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BACKGROUND Planning for a possible influenza pandemic is an extremely high priority, as social and economic effects of an unmitigated pandemic would be devastating. Mathematical models can be used to explore different scenarios and provide insight into potential costs, benefits, and effectiveness of prevention and control strategies under consideration. (More)
As the Extensible Markup Language (XML) rapidly establishes itself as the de facto standard for presenting, storing, and exchanging data on the Internet, large volume of XML data and their supporting facilities start to surface. A fast and accurate selectivity estimation mechanism is of practical importance because selectivity estimation plays a fundamental(More)
Anastomotic leakage is the most significant complication after low anterior resection (LAR) for rectal carcinoma, and it is the major cause of postoperative mortality and morbidity. The objective of the present study was to investigate whether the use of a transanal tube as an alternative endoluminal diversion technique for rectal carcinoma can reduce the(More)
Plant growth and development are controlled by a delicate balance of hormonal cues. Growth-promoting hormones and growth-inhibiting counterparts often antagonize each other in their action, but the molecular mechanisms underlying these events remain largely unknown. Here, we report a cross-talk mechanism that enables a receptor-like kinase, FERONIA (FER), a(More)
Mushroom bodies (MBs), one of the central brain structures in Drosophila melanogaster, are involved in several cognitive behaviors, such as olfactory learning and memory, visual context generalization, choice behavior facing conflicting cues. Attention is a cognitive behavior, and it facilitates a focus on the attended event while filtering out irrelevant(More)
The paper describes an experimental study on the detection of emotion from speech. As computer based characters such as avatars and virtual chat faces become more common, the use of emotion to drive the expression of the virtual characters become more important. The study utilizes a corpus containing emotional speech with 721 short utterances expressing(More)
Next basket recommendation becomes an increasing concern. Most conventional models explore either sequential transaction features or general interests of users. Further, some works treat users' general interests and sequential behaviors as two totally divided matters, and then combine them in some way for next basket recommendation. Moreover, the(More)
The explosion in online advertisement urges to better estimate the click prediction of ads. For click prediction on single ad impression, we have access to pairwise relevance among elements in an impression, but not to global interaction among key features of elements. Moreover, the existing method on sequential click prediction treats propagation(More)