Feng-Yu Lin

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The aim of this study is to formulate an analysis model which can express the security grades of software vulnerability and serve as a basis for evaluating danger level of information program or filtering hazardous weaknesses of the system and improve it to counter the threat of different danger factors. Through the utilization of fuzzy analytic hierarchy(More)
This article proposes three novel methods—temporal confined (TC), spatiotemporal confined (STC) and spatial confined (SC)—to forecast the temporal evolution of traffic parameters. The fundamental rationales are to embed one-dimensional traffic time series into reconstructed state spaces and then to perform fuzzy reasoning to infer the future changes in(More)
The Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) was developed to control multi-media sessions on the Internet. Shortly after its debut as a standard in 1999, SIP was adopted by the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) as the preferred signaling protocol for the Internet Multimedia Subsystem (IMS). This adoption provided a boost to the nascent protocol as(More)
In recent years, with significant changes in the communication modes, most users are diverted to cloud-based applications, especially online social networks (OSNs), which applications are mostly hosted on the outside and available to criminals, enabling them to impede criminal investigations and intelligence gathering. In the virtual world, how the Law(More)
Information security incidents frequency has been increasing dramatically, the aim of this study is to analyze the state-space reachability problems through the transition of vulnerable status after the informative system vulnerability exposure. In this research we took into consideration the time factor to analyze the arrival time to reachable states(More)
The simplicity and low cost of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services has made these services increasingly popular as the Internet has grown. Unfortunately, these advantages of VoIP are attractive to both legitimate and nefarious users, and VoIP is often used by criminals to communicate and conduct illegal activities (such as fraud or blackmail)(More)
BACKGROUND Nearly 3% of the population in Taiwan is classified as disabled. Disability assessment directly relates to long-term care quality and resource allocation. PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to explore the effects of a multimedia interactive DVD on enhancing nurse knowledgeand disability assessment skills. METHODS The study was a(More)
This research is focusing on how IT support center applies the limited resources to elaborate a vulnerability patch in face of its disclosure in a system. We propose the most optimized procedure to design the patch in question and let second-tier security engineer handle the update for vulnerabilities with patch release. While the frontline security(More)
BACKGROUND The use of propolis mouth rinse or gel as a supplementary intervention has increased during the last decade in Taiwan. However, the effect of propolis on oral health is not well understood. PURPOSE The purpose of this meta-analysis was to present the best available evidence regarding the effects of propolis use on oral health, including oral(More)
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