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Lily is universally known for its large, showy, fragrant flower, and Sorbonne is one of the best-selling Oriental hybrid lily cultivars. To accelerate lily breeding for more robust, attractive, and disease-resistant cultivars, it is essential to introduce molecular marker-assisted breeding. However, the enormous genome size, of around 36 Gb, is an obstacle(More)
Penicillium chrysogenum QEN-24S, an endophytic fungus isolated from an unidentified marine red algal species of the genus Laurencia, displayed inhibitory activity against the growth of pathogen Alternaria brassicae in dual culture test. Chemical investigation of this fungal strain resulted in the isolation of four new (1-3 and 5) and one known (4) secondary(More)
Bioassay-guided fractionation of a culture extract of Beauveria felina EN-135, an entomopathogenic fungus isolated from a marine bryozoan, led to the isolation of a new cyclodepsipeptide, iso-isariin D (1); two new O-containing heterocyclic compounds that we have named felinones A and B (2 and 3); and four known cyclodepsipeptides (4-7). The structures were(More)
Four new indolediketopiperazine derivatives (1-4), along with nine known congeners (5-13), were isolated and identified from the culture extract of Eurotium cristatum EN-220, an endophytic fungus obtained from the marine alga Sargassum thunbergii. The structures of thesecompounds were elucidated on the basis of extensive spectroscopic analysis and the(More)
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