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The increasing use of information technology (IT) has resulted in a need for evaluating the productivity impacts of IT. The contemporary IT evaluation approach has focused on return on investment and return on management. IT investment has impacts on different stages of business operations. For example, in the banking industry, IT plays a key role in(More)
The aim of this paper is to develop efficient online adaptive algorithms for the generalized eigen-decomposition problem which arises in a variety of modern signal processing applications. First, we reinterpret the generalized eigen-decomposition problem as an unconstrained minimization problem by constructing a novel cost function. Second, by applying(More)
We study a new image sensor that is reminiscent of a traditional photographic film. Each pixel in the sensor has a binary response, giving only a 1-bit quantized measurement of the local light intensity. To analyze its performance, we formulate the oversampled binary sensing scheme as a parameter estimation problem based on quantized Poisson statistics. We(More)
An appropriate performance measurement system is an important requirement for the effective management of a supply chain. Two hurdles are present in measuring the performance of a supply chain and its members. One is the existence of multiple measures that characterize the performance of chain members, and for which data must be acquired; the other is the(More)
A cycle time-throughput (CT-TH) curve plays an important role in strategic planning for manufacturing systems. In this research, we seek to quantify the relationship of the moments and percentiles of cycle time to throughput rate via simulation experiments. The estimation of CT-TH moment curves is based on a nonlinear regression metamodel supported by(More)
Falls are prevalent in older adults. Dynamic stability of body center of mass (COM) is critical for maintaining balance. A simple yet accurate tool to evaluate COM kinematics is essential to examine the COM stability. The purpose of this study was to determine the extent to which the COM position derived from body segmental analysis can be approximated by a(More)
In this paper, we study the problem of data gathering with compressive sensing (CS) in wireless sensor networks (WSNs). Unlike the conventional approaches, which require uniform sampling in the traditional CS theory, we propose a random walk algorithm for data gathering in WSNs. However, such an approach will conform to path constraints in networks and(More)
Recently we have proposed a new image device called the gigavision camera. The main feature of this camera is that the pixels have a binary response. The response function of a gigavision sensor is non-linear and similar to a logarithmic function, which makes the camera suitable for high dynamic range imaging. Since the sensor can detect a single photon,(More)
User identification and access control have become a high demand feature on mobile devices because those devices are wildly used by employees in corporations and government agencies for business and store increasing amount of sensitive data. This paper describes SenGuard, a user identification framework that enables continuous and implicit user(More)