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Extraction of Mytilus coruscus polysaccharides and study on their immunoactivities
Crude polysaccharides solution can enhance the immunocompetence of normal mice through improving cellular immune function, humoralimmune function, monocaryon-macrophage function and NK activity and also have evident anti-tumor effect.
Browning Control of Litchi and Litchi Wine
In the present study,litchi and litchi wine were used as the materials to study the properties of polyphenol oxidase (PPO) in litchi,and explore browning mechanisms and controlling strategies of
Cloning,expression and biological characterization of Myticin A,an antimicrobial peptide from mussel(Mytilus)
An antimicrobial peptide, Myticin A, has been cloned from the body fluid of mussel and expressed in Pichia pastoris and exhibits a strong inhibitory effects on the growth of gram-positive bacteria, especially on Bacillus megaterium.
Effects of Cuttlebone polysaccharide CPS-1 on experimental ulcerative colitis in mice
Cuttlebone polysaccharide CPS-1 can obviously increase EGF and PDGF levels in experimental UC mice and accelerate the concrescence and repair of ulcer and also decrease the expression of TNF-α and relieve inflammation.
Clinical study of combined treatment with breviscapine and mecobalamin on diabetic peripheral neuropathy
The combination of mecobalamin and breviscapine as a traditional Chinese medicine and western combination therapy is an ideal treatment for DPN.
Roles of Fas, caspase-3, and anti-nucleosome antibodies in apoptosis imbalance of lymphocytes in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus
Fas-mediated signal pathway plays an important role in apoptosis imbalance of lymphocytes in patients with SLE, and the activation of caspase-3 in lymphocytes is a crucial feature of lymphocytic apoptosis activation.
Effect on the social Information Technology in the Development of Society
The rapid development of the the information technology (IT) has caused the enormous revolution,and lashed various aspects in the current society.This article has analized the impact of IT on the
Clinical observation and nursing of nerve stimulation instrument in treating advanced cancer patients with cancer pain
Nerve stimulator can enhance the therapy effect of advanced cancer patients with cancer pain by enhancing the synergistic effect and nursing methods to relieve cancer pain.