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To date, knowing how to identify the location of chemotherapeutic agents in the human body after injection is still a challenge. Therefore, it is urgent to develop a drug delivery system with molecular imaging tracking ability to accurately understand the distribution, location, and concentration of a drug in living organisms. In this study, we developed(More)
How to overcome the low accumulation of chemotherapeutic agent in tumor tissue and exhibit multitherapeutics remains an ongoing challenge for cancer treatment. Here, a simple method is demonstrated that used to prepare prostate-specific membrane antigen antibody (PSMAab )-conjugated fluorescent bovine serum albumin (BSA)-branched polyethylenimine(More)
Preventing tumor recurrence after surgical resection of a brain tumor is a significant clinical challenge because current methods deliver chemotherapeutic agents in a rapid manner and are not effective against the residual tumor cells. To overcome this drawback, we report a simple method to prepare magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) traceable(More)
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