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In a Mobile Ad Hoc Network (MANET), temporary link failures and route changes happen frequently. With the assumption that all packet losses are due to congestion, TCP performs poorly in such environment. While there has been some research on improving TCP performance over MANET, most of them require feedback from the network or the lower layer. In this(More)
Telomeres were originally defined as chromosome caps that prevent the natural ends of linear chromosomes from undergoing deleterious degradation and fusion events. POT1 (protection of telomeres) protein binds the single-stranded G-rich DNA overhangs at human chromosome ends and suppresses unwanted DNA repair activities. TPP1 is a previously identified(More)
A route in the Internet may take a longer AS path than the shortest AS path due to routing policies. In this paper, we systematically analyze AS paths and quantify the extent to which routing policies inflate AS paths. The results show that AS path inflation in the Internet is more prevalent than expected. We first present the extent of AS path inflation(More)
There are heavy studies recently on applying wireless sensor networks for structural health monitoring. These works usually focus on the computer science aspect, and the considerations include energy consumption, network connectivity, etc. It is commonly believed that for the current resource limited wireless sensors, system design could be more efficient(More)
We develop a general model to estimate the throughput and goodput between arbitrary pairs of nodes in the presence of interference from other nodes in a wireless network. Our model is based on measurements from the underlying network itself and is thus more accurate than abstract models of RF propagation such as those based on distance. The seed(More)
Current multi-touch interaction techniques typically only use the x-y coordinates of the human finger's contact with the screen. However, when fingers contact a touch-sensitive surface, they usually approach at an angle and cover a relatively large 2D area instead of a precise single point. In this paper, a Frustrated Total Internal Reflection (FTIR) based(More)
Routing protocols for wireless sensor networks must address the challenges of reliable packet delivery at increasingly large scale and highly constrained node resources. Attempts to limit node state can result in undesirable worst-case routing performance, as measured by stretch, which is the ratio of the hop count of the selected path to that of the(More)
Hadoop is widely adopted to support data intensive distributed applications. Many of them are mission critical and require inherent high availability of Hadoop. Unfortunately, Hadoop has no high availability support yet, and it is not trivial to enhance Hadoop. Based on thorough investigation of Hadoop, this paper proposes a metadata replication based(More)
Border Gateway Protocol allows Autonomous Systems (ASs) to apply diverse routing policies for selecting routes and for propagating reachability information to other ASs. Although a significant number of studies have been focused on the Internet topology, little is known about what routing policies network operators employ to configure their networks. In(More)
Current interactions on direct-touch interactive surfaces are often modeled based on properties of the input channel that are common in traditional graphical user interfaces (GUI) such as x-y coordinate information. Leveraging additional information available on the surfaces could potentially result in richer and novel interactions. In this paper we(More)