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Studies have previously documented that microRNAs (miRNAs), with their key roles in regulating both synaptic plasticity and brain development, are candidate genetic contributors to the etiopathology of bipolar disorder (BD). Moreover, miRNA identified as targets for the actions of chronic lithium and VPA are known to play diverse and intriguing roles in(More)
SUMMARY Successful e-commerce presupposes techniques by which autonomous trading entities can interoperate. Although progress has been made on data exchange and payment protocols, interoperation in the face of autonomy is still inadequately understood. Current techniques, designed for closed environments, support only the simplest interactions. We develop a(More)
A critical problem in using steady-state visual evoked potential (SSVEP) based brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) for clinical and commercial use is the visual fatigue the user may suffer when staring at flashing stimuli. Aiming at the design of user-friendly BCIs with satisfactory performance, this work is to preliminarily investigate how different colors(More)
Memory performance has been reported to be associated with electroencephalogram (EEG) alpha activity. This study aimed to improve short term memory performance by individual alpha neurofeedback training (NFT). With appropriate protocol designed for NFT, the experimental results showed that the participants were able to learn to increase the relative(More)
— In this paper, a semi-blind channel estimation method is presented for MIMO-OFDM systems. The new method uses the linear prediction for obtaining a blind constraint on the MIMO-OFDM channel matrix as well as the least-squares approximation for the training signal. The proposed method can be regarded as an extension of an existing semi-blind MIMO channel(More)
The newly proposed glioma stem cell (GSC) hypothesis may re-model the way we diagnose and treat the tumor, which highlights the need for a complete knowledge on the genetic and epigenetic "blueprints" of GSCs. To identify the true "stemness" signatures, pure GSC populations are primarily needed. Reliable in vitro methods enriching for GSCs and thereby(More)