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A New Flemingia philippinensis Cultivar ‘Qianjinba 3’
‘Qianjinba 3’is a new high-yielding Flemingia philippinensis cultivar,which is derived from the excellent seedling stock plant. It has many excellent characteristics,such as its root weights 36.9 gExpand
Effect of different areas,types,harvest methods on artemisinin content of Artemisia annua
72 wild or cultivated Artemisia annua germplasms from Chongqing,Guangxi and Hunan provinces etc. were studied as experimental material.The results were as follows:(1)artemisinin content wasExpand
Preliminary study on the application of PP333 on Moghania philippinensis.
This research aimed at understanding the improving method for production and the mechanism for growth regular of Moghania philippinensis.M.philippinensis were cultured in three density levels(30,60Expand
Effect of Different Light Intensities on Photosynthetic Characteristics and Growth Quality of Tinospora capillipes Gagnep.
Purpose:To probe the effects of different light intensities on photosunthetic characteristics and growth of Tinospora capillipes Gagnep.plant.Method:Potted Tinospora capillipes Gagnep.biennial seedExpand
A new Artemisia annua cultivar 'Guihao 3'.
'Guihao 3' is a new Artemisia annua cultivar,which is derived from 72 germplasms by improved mass selecting.It has many excellent characteristics,such as high yield of 3 442.5kg·hm-2 with 1.08%Expand