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Projections of future precipitation change over China are studied based on the output of a global AGCM, ECHAM5, with a high resolution of T319 (equivalent to 40 km). Evaluation of the model’s performance in simulating present-day precipitation shows encouraging results. The spatial distributions of both mean and extreme precipitation, especially the(More)
Xiamenmycin A is an antifibrotic leading compound with a benzopyran skeleton that is isolated from mangrove-derived Streptomyces xiamenensis. As a promising small molecule for fibrotic diseases, less information is known about its metabolic characteristics in vivo. In this study, the time-course of xiamenmycin A in mouse plasma was investigated by relative(More)
Series of batch anaerobic digestion treatments were performed on the cow-manure, bioorganic municipal waste (BMW) and their mixtures to investigate their biogas production potential. Base on the different combination of cow-manure and bioorganic municipal waste, the experiments were conducted to 6 groups under the mesophilic condition of 37 °C for 50(More)
The development of magnetofection technology has brought a promising method for gene delivery. Here, we develop a novel liposomal magnetofection system, consisted of magnetic nanoparticle and liposome through molecular assembly, was applied to introduce double genes into porcin somatic cells with high co-transfection efficiency. The performace of liposomal(More)
摘 要 目的 生物医学基础研究及其实践应用日益需要在分子、细胞与系统、活体间建立直接的 关联,解决方案之一是利用非接触方式远程控制细胞生命过程,当前受到广泛关注的光基因学等手段即 为此方面的重要突破性进展。 研究中的核心问题是如何实现在细胞乃至分子水平上对关键生命物质及 生物学过程进行远程调控。 为此,基于磁场和超声施加机械力,并辅助以超声微泡、磁纳米颗粒以及机 械敏感通道,提出实现细胞远程控制的新型解决方案。 方法 使用超声输出设备对细胞膜周边的微泡施 加机械力,以黄色荧光蛋白(yellow fluorescent protein,YFP)标记的 DNA作为转基因标记物,测试不同条 件下 DNA跨膜进入细胞的效率。 运用化学合成法合成磁纳米颗粒,使用电磁铁作为磁控系统,利用细(More)
BACKGROUND Given the increasing elderly population worldwide, the identification of potential determinants of successful ageing is important. Many studies have shown that parenting style and mental resilience may influence mental health; however, little is known about the psychological mechanisms that underpin this relationship. The current study sought to(More)
  • Feng R Lei
  • 2011 International Conference on Business…
  • 2011
With the deep development of economic globalization and integration, internationalization has become an unenviable question. In this paper, we give the Definition of Internationalization at first. Secondly, we describe the Indicators of Internationalization. Thirdly, we analysis the theoretical basis of Internationalization from the perspective of theory of(More)
A switching method of capacitor banks with different reactance rates in harmonic case is proposed. The proposed method is combined with voltage and reactive power control (VQC). The total switching numbers of capacitor banks are determined by VQC, however, which branches should be switched is decided by harmonic conditions. The substation harmonics are(More)
Objective: To analyze the curative effect of AngioJet mechanical thrombus aspiration combined with catheter directed thrombolysis (CDT) on acute lower extremity deep vein thrombosis (LEDVT). Methods: The clinical data of 20 cases of acute LEDVT treated by AngioJet combined with CDT were analyzed. The inferior vena cava filter was implanted preoperatively,(More)
The characteristics of the generation of high-energy CH, through anaerobic digestion (AD) of straw pretreated with sodium hydroxide (NaOH) as chemical agent were introduced. The effect of loading rate on AD efficiency and biogas yield of straw were investigated. The main conclusions are: loading rate had a significant efficiency on AD of straw pretreated(More)