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Inspired by the attractive Flops/dollar ratio and the incredible growth in the speed of modern graphics processing units (GPUs), we propose to use a cluster of GPUs for high performance scientific computing. As an example application, we have developed a parallel flow simulation using the lattice Boltzmann model (LBM) on a GPU cluster and have simulated the(More)
We present our design and deployment experiences with LiveSky, a commercially deployed hybrid CDN-P2P live streaming system. CDNs and P2P systems are the common techniques used for live streaming, each having its own set of advantages and disadvantages. LiveSky inherits the best of both worlds: the quality control and reliability of a CDN and the inherent(More)
The inflammasome is a multiprotein complex involved in innate immunity. Activation of the inflammasome causes the processing and release of the cytokines interleukins 1beta and 18. In primary macrophages, potassium ion flux and the membrane channel pannexin 1 have been suggested to play roles in inflammasome activation. However, the molecular mechanism(s)(More)
BACKGROUND Endoscopic submucosal dissection (ESD) was developed to overcome the problem caused by incomplete resection by conventional EMR for early gastric cancer. However, the technique of ESD had a relative higher incidence rate of complications such as bleeding and perforation because of its large wound incidence and difficulties. OBJECTIVE To(More)
The neurons generated at the germinal rhombic lip undergo long distance migration along divergent pathways to settle in widely dispersed locations within the hindbrain, giving rise to cerebellar granule cells and precerebellar nuclei. Neurotrophin-3 (NT-3) signaling has been shown to be required for proper migration and survival of cerebellar granule cells.(More)
The vertebrate neural retina comprises six classes of neurons and one class of glial cells, all derived from a population of multipotent progenitors. There is little information on the molecular mechanisms governing the specification of cell type identity from multipotent progenitors in the developing retina. We report that Ptf1a, a basic-helix-loop-helix(More)
Although search engines are playing an increasingly important role in users' Web access, our understanding is still limited regarding the magnitude of search-engine influence. For example, how many times do people start browsing the Web from a search engine? How much percentage of Web traffic is incurred as a result of search? To what extent does a search(More)
Purinergic signaling plays distinct and important roles in the CNS, including the transmission of calcium signals between astrocytes. Gap junction hemichannels are among the mechanisms proposed by which astrocytes might release ATP; however, whether the gap junction protein connexin43 (Cx43) forms these "hemichannels" remains controversial. Recently, a new(More)
Pannexins are newly discovered channel proteins expressed in many different tissues and abundantly in the vertebrate central nervous system. Based on membrane topology, folding and secondary structure prediction, pannexins are proposed to form gap junction-like structures. We show here that Pannexin1 forms a hexameric channel and reaches the cell surface(More)