Feng Qiao

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Least squares regression is used to show the relationship of species with area on a global scale. Using a modelling based approach climatic variables are selected and made use of in a proposed information rich model of plant species variation. Future developments include advances in mathematical theory, biogeography and computer science.
Fuzzy control algorithms are used to give structure to the spatial categorisation of plant species by integrating digital elevation model data at increased resolution with data of selected climatic variables (mean precipitation, temperature, ground frost frequency and elevation). In previous studies, the climatic variables are obtained by minimising them to(More)
The two key variables in estimating the water-energy dynamic, which determines proportions of plant strategy components on a macro basis, are temperature and precipitation. Additionally, use of high-resolution elevation data facilitates formation of the fuzzy rule base for ordination of the strategical nodes. Application of adaptive neural fuzzy inference(More)
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