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An Introduction to Metaanalysis
With an everincreasing acknowledgement of the significance testing and criticism,metaanalysis has been frequently discussed by a great number of scholars.This paper attempts to provide a briefExpand
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Virus counterdefense: diverse strategies for evading the RNA-silencing immunity.
  • Feng Li, S. Ding
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Annual review of microbiology
  • 11 September 2006
Viruses are obligate, intracellular pathogens that must manipulate and exploit host molecular mechanisms to prosper in the hostile cellular environment. Here we review the strategies used by virusesExpand
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Particulate matter deposited on leaf of five evergreen species in Beijing, China: Source identification and size distribution
Airborne particulate matter (PM) has become a serious problem, and urban plants can play important roles in reducing PM concentrations in the air. The morphology, size, and elemental composition ofExpand
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A microbial fuel cell–membrane bioreactor integrated system for cost-effective wastewater treatment
Microbial fuel cell (MFC) and membrane bioreactor (MBR) are both promising technologies for wastewater treatment, but both with limitations. In this study, a novel MFC–MBR integrated system, whichExpand
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The application of compressive sampling to radio astronomy I: Deconvolution
Compressive sampling is a new paradigm for sampling, based on sparseness of signals or signal representations. Expand
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Examining the effects of urbanization and industrialization on carbon dioxide emission: Evidence from China's provincial regions
With rapid economic development and expansion of built environment since the year 2000, urbanization has led to great challenge of reduction targets in energy intensity and carbon dioxide emissions.Expand
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Effects of land use and cover change on terrestrial carbon stocks in urbanized areas: a study from Changzhou, China
Abstract Land use and cover change is the key factor affecting terrestrial carbon stocks and their dynamics not only in regional ecosystems but also in urbanized areas. Using the typical fast-growingExpand
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Deep desulfurization of model gasoline by selective adsorption over Cu–Ce bimetal ion-exchanged Y zeolite
Abstract Adsorbents were successfully prepared by liquid-phase ion-exchange of Y zeolites with Cu, Ce and combined Cu–Ce metal ions. The adsorbents were characterized by means of X-ray diffractionExpand
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The application of compressive sampling to radio astronomy - II. Faraday rotation measure synthesis
Faraday rotation measure (RM) synthesis is an important tool to study and analyze galactic and extra-galactic magnetic fields. Since there is a Fourier relation between the Faraday dispersionExpand
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DNA breakage and cell cycle checkpoint abrogation induced by a therapeutic thiopurine and UVA radiation
The frequency of squamous cell skin carcinoma in organ transplant patients is around 100-fold higher than normal. This dramatic example of therapy-related cancer reflects exposure to sunlight and toExpand
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