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Geant4 is a toolkit for simulating the passage of particles through matter. It includes a complete range of functionality including tracking, geometry, physics models and hits. The physics processes offered cover a comprehensive range, including electromagnetic, hadronic and optical processes, a large set of long-lived particles, materials and elements,(More)
For the cloud database route scheduling problem, this paper designed a cloud database route scheduling algorithm according to the dynamic combination of the genetic algorithm and ant colony algorithm. The initial solution got by the Genetic Algorithm was transformed into the pheromone initial value, which was needed by ant colony algorithm, then the optimal(More)
Projections of future precipitation change over China are studied based on the output of a global AGCM, ECHAM5, with a high resolution of T319 (equivalent to 40 km). Evaluation of the model's performance in simulating present-day precipitation shows encouraging results. The spatial distributions of both mean and extreme precipitation, especially the(More)
Xiamenmycin A is an antifibrotic leading compound with a benzopyran skeleton that is isolated from mangrove-derived Streptomyces xiamenensis. As a promising small molecule for fibrotic diseases, less information is known about its metabolic characteristics in vivo. In this study, the time-course of xiamenmycin A in mouse plasma was investigated by relative(More)
Exploring the trivial workflow data needs high performance data processing technology. In this paper we put forward analysis method of workflow execution data based on data mining. The main idea of it is to retrieve the workflow data to a data warehouse and adopt OLAP technology and data mining method to support customers to select different measures and(More)
This paper analyzes the characteristic of modern product collaborative development process and concludes the demand realizing process management model and puts forward multi-view process management modeling method. Model describes the restriction relation between related element and information flow. The model sustains function view and behavior view and(More)
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