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Projections of future precipitation change over China are studied based on the output of a global AGCM, ECHAM5, with a high resolution of T319 (equivalent to 40 km). Evaluation of the model's performance in simulating present-day precipitation shows encouraging results. The spatial distributions of both mean and extreme precipitation, especially the(More)
Xiamenmycin A is an antifibrotic leading compound with a benzopyran skeleton that is isolated from mangrove-derived Streptomyces xiamenensis. As a promising small molecule for fibrotic diseases, less information is known about its metabolic characteristics in vivo. In this study, the time-course of xiamenmycin A in mouse plasma was investigated by relative(More)
  • Feng Lei
  • 2011
Seismic data contains abundant information on underground sedimentary body. One-dimensional time domain seismic wave signal can be expanded into two-dimensional time-frequency domain by using wavelet transform time-frequency analysis method, and the spectrum clearly depict deposition cycle structure of internal body. Through establishing of different(More)
The characteristics of the generation of high-energy CH, through anaerobic digestion (AD) of straw pretreated with sodium hydroxide (NaOH) as chemical agent were introduced. The effect of loading rate on AD efficiency and biogas yield of straw were investigated. The main conclusions are: loading rate had a significant efficiency on AD of straw pretreated(More)
Series of batch anaerobic digestion treatments were performed on the cow-manure, bioorganic municipal waste (BMW) and their mixtures to investigate their biogas production potential. Base on the different combination of cow-manure and bioorganic municipal waste, the experiments were conducted to 6 groups under the mesophilic condition of 37 °C for 50(More)
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