Feng-Kwei Wang

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This paper proposes a design framework for constructing a groupware-based learning environment (GBLE) that enables electronic cognitive apprenticeship. The central theme of this framework is that any design of a GBLE must have learning theories as foundations to substantiate the learning effectiveness of this environment. The proposed framework applies the(More)
As a new computing paradigm, cloud computing has received a lot of attention from enterprises and has being integrated or applied to enterprise architectures. This paper surveys the state of the art of enterprise cloud service architectures. Specifically, this paper discusses enterprise cloud service architectural requirements, design approaches,(More)
The design and implementation of case-based reasoning (CBR) applications is time-consuming. To facilitate the development of CBR applications in various problem domains, the CBR community has created a number of CBR shells and software frameworks in the past twenty years. This paper provides a review of the state-of-the-art of CBR shells and software(More)
This paper reportes a study that investigated the effects of conceptual description and search practice on users’ mental models and information seeking in a case-based reasoning retrieval (CBR) system with a best match search mechanism. This study also examined how the presence of a mental model affects the users’ search performance and satisfaction in this(More)
Research examining how people use case-based reasoning retrieval systems has been limited. It has not been clear how mental models can be used as a framework to examine the usability of case-based reasoning retrieval systems. In this paper, we report our findings on how the presence of a mental model affects the experiences of users of the knowledge(More)