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The Functions of News Media and Its Development
As a subsystem of the grand social system,the impact of news media ripples to all sectors of social life.The news media have multiple functions.The function of news media has undergone a developmentExpand
A Harmonious Society and Its Criminal Legislation
Criminalization,early and severe punishment,and internationalization are all trends in the criminal legislation around the world.In China,under such a global background,as the purpose of criminalExpand
Community reformation as a social approach to juvenile delinquency
Chinese legislature constantly distinguishes the juvenile delinquency from adults by education,affectation and reformation.But the current approach to the juvenile delinquency is still to keep themExpand
The Means of Legality of Criminal Judgment
The legality of criminal judgment should rely on some certain means to arouse and sustain the public’s trust in it.In different historical periods,the means of the legality of criminal judgment areExpand
On the Three-dimensional Relation between Man and Nature
The relation between man and nature has been a rather old subject, especially when the rationality of science and technology inflates extremely,thus causes serious problems and serious resultstoday,Expand
From deep sleep travel,dream and free captive animals to see changed fortune in "Liaozhaizhiyi"
The stories in changed fortune mainly described that the main character is based on the situation in life from poor to rich process,social status from low to high transformation.From deep sleepExpand
Analysis to A Study on Mao Zonggang's Novels by Li Zhengxue
This paper makes an in-depth analysis to A Study on Mao Zonggang's Novels by Li Zhengxue.It holds that Li distinguishes himself for his combination of theoretical and critical thinking in hisExpand
Confrontation and Cooperation: On the Relationship between the Prosecution and the Defence in Chinese Criminal Procedure
In Chinese criminal procedure,the relationship between the prosecution and the defence is not only confrontation, but also cooperation in some aspects. So in the future, we should establish theExpand
On the National Mentality before and after the Signing of The Treaty of Shimonoseki from the Perspective of Shen Daily
The research and analysis of Shen Daily before and after the signing of The Treaty of Shimonoseki is helpful for us to see clearly the change of national mentality:people did not acknowledge theExpand
Rational Theology to Empiricism——On Schopenhauer's Critics to Kant's Ethics
Kant's rationalism criticizes the rational theology, but his practical reason becomes a newly resurrected "God". Kant's restrict to the reason, essentially, gives a tacit consent to the irrationalismExpand