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The present study explored the manner in which hand position may affect visual processing. We studied three classic visual attention tasks (visual search, inhibition of return, and attentional blink) during which the participants held their hands either near the stimulus display, or far from the display. Remarkably, the hands altered visual processing:(More)
Much of the reading that we do occurs near our hands. Previous research has revealed that spatial processing is enhanced near the hands, potentially benefiting several processes involved in reading; however, it is unknown whether semantic processing--another critical aspect of reading--is affected near the hands. While holding their hands either near to or(More)
The large-scale practical application of fuel cells will be difficult to realize if the expensive platinum-based electrocatalysts for oxygen reduction reactions (ORRs) cannot be replaced by other efficient, low-cost, and stable electrodes. Here, we report that vertically aligned nitrogen-containing carbon nanotubes (VA-NCNTs) can act as a metal-free(More)
The 2-D maximum entropy method not only considers the distribution of the gray information, but also takes advantage of the spatial neighbor information with using the 2-D histogram of the image. As a global threshold method, it often gets ideal segmentation results even when the image s signal noise ratio (SNR) is low. However, its time-consuming(More)
This paper aims to the random and uncertain network delays, a novel approach is proposed that new Smith predictor combined with adaptive PID control with RBF neural network for networked control systems (NCS). This novel Smith predictor comes true to hide predictor models of the network delays into real network data transmission processes, therefore network(More)
In order to effectively restrain the impact of network delay, aiming to time-variant, random and uncertain network delays, a new approach is proposed that new Smith predictor combined with fuzzy adaptive controller for the NCS. Because new Smith predictor does not include network delay, therefore, the network delays no need to be measured or identified on(More)
In the present work, we have developed a simple but effective method to prepare superlong vertically aligned carbon nanotubes (SLVA-CNT) and epoxy composite membranes, and we have demonstrated that various liquids, including water, hexane, and dodecane, can effectively pass through the SLVA-CNT membranes. These results were confirmed by molecular dynamics(More)
Floristic composition, community structure and soil moisture and nutrient contents in abandoned fields of different ages were analyzed to clarify the regenerative aspects of succession as a tool for vegetation restoration. The results indicated that secondary succession in this region can be interpreted as an auto-succession: there are main changes in(More)