Feng Dan Dong

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The Sloan Digital Sky Survey has validated and made publicly available its First Data Release. This consists of 2099 square degrees of five-band (u g r i z) imaging data, 186,240 spectra of galaxies, quasars, stars and calibrating blank sky patches selected over 1360 square degrees of this area, and tables of measured parameters from these data. The imaging(More)
This paper describes the fourth data release of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS), including all survey-quality data taken through June 2004. The data release includes five-band photometric data for 180 million objects selected over 6670 deg 2 , and 673,280 spectra of galaxies, quasars, and stars selected from 4783 deg 2 of that imaging data using the(More)
The cluster correlation function and its richness dependence are determined from over 10 3 clusters of galaxies – the largest sample of clusters studied so far – found in 400 deg 2 of Sloan Digital Sky Survey early data. The results are compared with previous samples of optically and X-ray selected clusters. The richness-dependent correlation function(More)
Pure, neutral formic acid (HCOOH)n+1 clusters and mixed (HCOOH)(H2O) clusters are investigated employing time of flight mass spectroscopy and single photon ionization at 26.5 eV using a very compact, capillary discharge, soft x-ray laser. During the ionization process, neutral clusters suffer little fragmentation because almost all excess energy above the(More)
Gas phase monosaccharides (2-deoxyribose, ribose, arabinose, xylose, lyxose, glucose galactose, fructose, and tagatose), generated by laser desorption of solid sample pellets, are ionized with extreme ultraviolet photons (EUV, 46.9 nm, 26.44 eV). The resulting fragment ions are analyzed using a time of flight mass spectrometer. All aldoses yield identical(More)
Analytical probes capable of mapping molecular composition at the nanoscale are of critical importance to materials research, biology and medicine. Mass spectral imaging makes it possible to visualize the spatial organization of multiple molecular components at a sample's surface. However, it is challenging for mass spectral imaging to map molecular(More)
—Non-line-of-sight (NLoS) maritime mobile radio channel in 5 GHz band is experimentally investigated in this paper through wideband channel soundings. During the measurements, the transmitter was installed onboard a speed boat, while the receiver was placed on the roof top of a building on shore. Different types of cargo ships anchored off the east coast of(More)
We present a modified adaptive matched filter algorithm designed to identify clusters of galaxies in wide-field imaging surveys such as the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. The cluster-finding technique is fully adaptive to imaging surveys with spectroscopic coverage, multicolor photometric redshifts, no redshift information at all, and any combination of these(More)
van der Waals cluster (SO2)n is investigated by using single photon ionization of a 26.5 eV soft x-ray laser. During the ionization process, neutral clusters suffer a small fragmentation because almost all energy is taken away by the photoelectron and a small part of the photon energy is deposited into the (SO2)n cluster. The distribution of (SO2)n clusters(More)