Feng-Chih Chang

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A new process for modifying a polymeric material for use as a hole injection transport layer in organic light-emitting diodes has been studied, which is through 2π + 2π photodimerization of a DNA-mimetic π-conjugated poly(triphenylamine-carbazole) presenting pendent uracil groups (PTC-U) under 1 h of UV irradiation. Multilayer florescence OLED (Organic(More)
We describe the development and application of an imaging protocol, which evolves a scanning probe's atomic structure in parallel with automated optimization of the scan parameters. Our protocol coerces the system into a state that produces a specific atomic resolution image type without human involvement. Abstract We use numerical simulations to(More)
In this study, we synthesized core/shell structures comprising monodisperse 3-μm SiO 2 microspheres and gold nanoparticles (AuNPs, ca. 6.7 nm) as the core and shell components, respectively. Using a layer-by-layer cross-linking process with a dithiol cross-linking agent, we prepared low-permittivity AuNP-encapsulated high-permittivity SiO 2 core/shell(More)
Wet deposition is an important atmospheric mercury (Hg) pathway between air and terrestrial ecosystems. It is measured at numerous locations in the United States (U. S.) as part of the Mercury Deposition Network (MDN). The annual Hg wet deposition flux in 2009 at four locations in the northeastern U. S. (MDN sites MD08, VT99, NY20, and NY43) ranged from 6.4(More)
Two flexible ether bonds were designed to connect two pyrene rings on a polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane (BPy-POSS) to enrich the fraction of "intrinsic intramolecular pyrene-dimer" on the surface of crystal isobutyl-POSS (iBu-POSS) thin-films. Compared to the monomer emission of 1-pyrenemethanol (Py-OH), the emission spectra of BPy-POSS in(More)
We demonstrate a new flexible metal–insulator–metal capacitor using 9.5-nm-thick ZrO 2 film on a plastic polyimide substrate based on a simple and low-cost sol–gel precursor spin-coating process. The surface morphology of the ZrO 2 film was investigated using scan electron microscope and atomic force microscope. The as-deposited ZrO 2 film under suitable(More)
A new concept on bioinspired assembly of functional diblock copolymers, capable of forming different microstructures through nucleobase-induced supramolecular interactions, has been explored. In this paper, a new series of uracil-functionalized poly(ε-caprolactone)-b-(4-vinylbenzyl uracil)s (PCL-b-PVBU) have been prepared which exhibit a high(More)
In this study, we tethered terminal uracil groups onto short-chain poly(ethylene glycol) (PEG) to form the polymers, uracil (U)-PEG and U-PEG-U. Through AC impedance measurements, we found that the conductivities of these polymers increased upon increasing the content of the lithium salt, LiAsF 6 , until the Li-to-PEG ratio reached 1:4, with the(More)
Highly (002) oriented aluminum nitride (AlN) films were successfully prepared on a 64deg-YX LiNbO<sub>3</sub> substrate by r.f. magnetron sputtering. The crystalline structure of the films was determined by grazing incident angle X-ray diffraction (XRD) and the surface microstructure of films was investigated by Scanning electron microscope (SEM). The atom(More)