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The OrthoMCL database (http://orthomcl.cbil.upenn.edu) houses ortholog group predictions for 55 species, including 16 bacterial and 4 archaeal genomes representing phylogenetically diverse lineages, and most currently available complete eukaryotic genomes: 24 unikonts (12 animals, 9 fungi, microsporidium, Dictyostelium, Entamoeba), 4 plants/algae and 7(More)
Flash Memory based Solid State Drive (SSD) has been called a "pivotal technology" that could revolutionize data storage systems. Since SSD shares a common interface with the traditional hard disk drive (HDD), both physically and logically, an effective integration of SSD into the storage hierarchy is very important. However, details of SSD hardware(More)
Although Flash Memory based Solid State Drive (SSD) exhibits high performance and low power consumption, a critical concern is its limited lifespan along with the associated reliability issues. In this paper, we propose to build a Content-Aware Flash Translation Layer (CAFTL) to enhance the endurance of SSDs at the device level. With no need of any semantic(More)
Flash memory based solid state drives (SSDs) have shown a great potential to change storage infrastructure fundamentally through their high performance and low power. Most recent studies have mainly focused on addressing the technical limitations caused by special requirements for writes in flash memory. However, a unique merit of an SSD is its rich(More)
This article gives an overview of the, monitoring oriented programming framework (MOP). In MOP, runtime monitoring is supported and encouraged as a fundamental principle for building reliable systems. Monitors are automatically synthesized from specified properties and are used in conjunction with the original system to check its dynamic behaviors. When a(More)
Even though real-time PCR has been broadly applied in biomedical sciences, data processing procedures for the analysis of quantitative real-time PCR are still lacking; specifically in the realm of appropriate statistical treatment. Confidence interval and statistical significance considerations are not explicit in many of the current data analysis(More)
Orthology detection is critically important for accurate functional annotation, and has been widely used to facilitate studies on comparative and evolutionary genomics. Although various methods are now available, there has been no comprehensive analysis of performance, due to the lack of a genomic-scale 'gold standard' orthology dataset. Even in the absence(More)
Apicomplexan parasites release factors via specialized secretory organelles (rhoptries, micronemes) that are thought to control host cell responses. In order to explore parasite-mediated modulation of host cell signaling pathways, we exploited a phylogenomic approach to characterize the Toxoplasma gondii kinome, defining a 44 member family of(More)