Feng-Chang Xie

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For clustered count data with excess zeros where the observations are either over-dispersed or under-dispersed, the zero-inflated generalized Poisson mixed (ZIGPM) regression model may be appropriate, in which the baseline discrete distribution is a generalized Poisson distribution, which is a natural extension of standard Poisson distribution. Motivated by(More)
This work develops diagnostics for skew-t-normal nonlinear models which provides an useful extension for ordinary normal regression models when the data set under consideration involves heavy tail and asymmetric outcomes. The case-deletion model (CDM) is considered, and several diagnostic measures are derived and discussed. Furthermore, we discuss score(More)
The heavy-tailed survival regression models provide a useful extension of the normal regression models for data sets involving errors with longer-than-normal tails. This article develops influence diagnostics under case-deletion model (CDM) in survival regression models for which the errors follow the log-generalized Birnbaum–Saunders distribution based on(More)
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