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The latex dilution reaction during the tapping flow course has been well documented and associated with the facilitation of tapping latex flow. However, its underlying mechanism has not experimentally examined. The latex total solid content, osmotic potential and phloem turgor pressure change during the tapping flow course were simultaneously measured to(More)
Although the pressure flow theory is widely accepted for the transport of photoassimilates in phloem sieve elements, it still requires strong experimental validation. One reason for that is the lack of a precise method for measuring the real-time phloem turgor pressure from the sink tissues, especially in tree trunks. Taking the merits of Hevea(More)
The concentration of phloem solute generally falls from leaves to roots. However, a local increase in latex total solid content (LILTSC) was identified near the tapping cut of rubber trees. To understand the mechanism of ethephon-stimulated latex yield, the formation and ethephon (an ethylene releaser) alleviation of the LILTSC near the tapping cut were(More)
Plant peroxidases participate in versatile biological processes and stress responses. Peroxidase activity significantly increased under drought stress in rubber tree. To identify the functions of peroxidase genes in response to drought stress, the full-length cDNA of HbPRX42 was isolated from rubber tree. The HbPRX42 contains 338 amino acid residues and a(More)
PURPOSE To assess the safety and efficacy of an ultramini nephrostomy tract, which we were using for the first time, combined with flexible ureterorenoscopy (URS) in the treatment of pediatric patients with multiple renal calculi. MATERIALS AND METHODS Twenty pediatric patients (age, ≤ 6 years) underwent ultramini percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PCNL)(More)
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