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Electric Field Sensor Based on Piezoelectric Bending Effect for Wide Range Measurement
In this paper, we report on the new design of an electric field sensor based on piezoelectric bending effect in a capacitive-sensing method. Expand
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In-plane longitudinal converse magnetoelectric effect in laminated composites: Aiming at sensing wide range electric field
The converse magnetoelectric (CME) effect, a coupling effect resulted from compositing piezoelectric phase and piezomagnetic phase, is explored insightfully concerned with applying chip-scale CMEExpand
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Large and Robust Charge-to-Spin Conversion in Sputtered Weyl Semimetal WTex with Structural Disorder
Topological insulators have recently shown great promise for ultralow-power spin-orbit torque (SOT) devices thanks to their large charge-to-spin conversion efficiency originating from theExpand
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Large voltage control of magnetic anisotropy in CoFeB/MgO/OX structures at room temperature
Voltage control of magnetic anisotropy (VCMA) provides an energy-efficient approach to manipulate spintronic devices. Currently, VCMA only shows a weak effect in magnetic tunnel junctions (MTJs)Expand
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Research on the Protrusions Near Silicon-Glass Interface during Cavity Fabrication
Taking advantage of good hermeticity, tiny parasitic capacitance, batch mode fabrication, and compatibility with multiple bonding techniques, the glass-silicon composite substrate manufactured by theExpand
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Lithography printability review: an application on advanced photomask production for enhancing mask yield and cycle time
  • Wen Ling, X. Qin, +10 authors X. Liu
  • Computer Science, Engineering
  • Photomask Technology
  • 26 September 2019
We introduce a new application called LPR (Lithography Printability Review) to verify any outlier defects or repairs before the mask ships to the wafer fab. Expand
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Optimum direct current magnetic bias in ferromagnetic phase for improvement of magnetoelectric effect
To improve the direct and converse magnetoelectric effects, a magnetic bias field is essential to first excite the magnetization and then determine its sensitivity to a large extent. Based on theExpand
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High temperature baking process study in advanced mask cleaning
High temperature baking treatment is a method to remove chemical residue on mask before shipping to wafer fab. When developing advanced mask technology, we need to make sure the bake treatment haveExpand