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Many gene expressions in the DNA micro array and gene sequences have missing values in the datasets. It is critical to estimate these missing values accurately, because most of the existing algorithms for gene expression analysis require the complete DNA dataset as an input, which affects the performance of gene classifications. This paper introduces(More)
Access control policy is utilized to ensure that the available resources aren't accessed unintentionally. Traditional access control policy approaches generally describe the core elements as a holistic, which has high coupling, thus it leads to a limited flexibility and lower dynamic of the policy. To solve this issue, we proposed a dynamic access control(More)
Ultra wide band (UWB) technologies in wireless body area networks (WBAN) attract more and more attention in researches such as on-body medical healthcare. Meanwhile, body mounted sensors in WBAN with UWB signals are required to be located appropriately to collect data. Thus, making sure the sensors are at their proper locations is a critical issue in WBAN.(More)
of bladder, prostate for male (uterus for female) and rectum was defined as TPE and the resection of bladder and uterus as APE. The perioperative characters, pathological results and patients' survival were collected and analyzed. Results: There were seven males and 13 females in this study with an average age of 65. Ten case accepted APE and 10 for TPE.(More)
Every day, thousands of videos are uploaded to the web, creating an ever-growing demand for methods to make them easier to retrieve, search, and index. These videos include both spatial and temporal geographic features captured via camera and embedded sensors, e.g., GPS and the digital compass. The current state-of-the-art video retrieval systems are based(More)
— A majority of DNA microarray datasets contain missing or corrupt values and it is critical to estimate these values accurately. These missing values are most often attributed to insufficient experimental resolution or the presence of foreign objects on the experimental slide's surface. To improve existing missing value estimation algorithms, this paper(More)