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We report an improved test of the weak equivalence principle by using a simultaneous 85Rb-87Rb dual-species atom interferometer. We propose and implement a four-wave double-diffraction Raman transition scheme for the interferometer, and demonstrate its ability in suppressing common-mode phase noise of Raman lasers after their frequencies and intensity(More)
Ceramic matrix composites (CMCs) is one of the most promising candidates for high temperature structural material, in which SiC matrix exhibits an excellent oxidation resistance because of the formation of a protective layer of silica which limits further oxidation [1]. CMCs with continuous fibers exhibit attractive properties such as low densities, high(More)
The sideband and carrier of an electro-optic modulator (EOM) are usually used as Raman lasers in atom interferometry. To eliminate AC-Stark shift in atom interferometry, the stability of sideband to carrier ratio (SCR) is of great significance. We present a beating method to accurately measure and control the SCR. The influence of imperfect frequency(More)
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