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Epidermal bioassay demonstrated that benzylamine, a membrane-permeable weak base, can mimick hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) to induce stomatal closure, and butyric acid, a membrane-permeable weak acid, can partly abolish the H2O2-induced stomatal closure. Confocal pH mapping with the probe 5-(and-6)-carboxy seminaphthorhodafluor-1-acetoxymethylester (SNARF-1-AM)(More)
  • F Dong
  • 1993
In this paper, the changes in the stiffness of eight lumbar spinal segments, as affected by left unilateral partial or total facetectomy, were investigated by means of an electro-mechanical technique. The results showed that with unilateral facetectomy, the stiffness of lumbar spinal segment was 39% less in axial rotation, 14% less in extension, 13% less in(More)
AIM To introduce natural orifice transgastric endoscopic surgery (NOTES) tube ileostomy using pelvis-directed submucosal tunneling endoscopic gastrostomy and endoscopic tube ileostomy. METHODS Six live pigs (three each in the non-survival and survival groups) were used. A double-channeled therapeutic endoscope was introduced perorally into the stomach. A(More)
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