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OBJECTIVE To review the epidemiology of total knee arthroplasty for primary osteoarthritis and the change of patient characteristics over the last decade. DESIGN Retrospective review. SETTING A tertiary referral centre for joint replacement surgery in a teaching hospital in Hong Kong. PATIENTS All patients who underwent primary total knee arthroplasty(More)
OBJECTIVES To review the latest evidence on antibiotic prophylaxis for patients with total joint replacements to prevent prosthesis infections. DATA SOURCES Literature search of Medline and PubMed until June 2009. STUDY SELECTION Studies of patients with total joint replacements from around the world, studies concerning antibiotic prophylaxis, as well(More)
Joint aspiration is a reliable tool for diagnosis of periprosthetic infection. There are different indications, techniques, and approaches for joint aspiration. We recommend that it be performed selectively when infection is suspected clinically. The specimens should be interpreted based on the results of the culture as well as the white cell count and(More)
PURPOSE To review the outcome of revision hip arthroplasty using extensively coated femoral components. METHODS We reviewed the results of revision involving 24 extensively porous-coated cementless femoral components in 23 patients, whose mean age was 52.4 years (range, 28.0-79.0 years). Most revisions were performed for aseptic loosening of the(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine optimal perioperative antithrombotic management for patients with cardiac diseases undergoing joint replacement surgeries. DATA SOURCES MEDLINE and PubMed database search up to January 2013. STUDY SELECTION Those dealing with perioperative antithrombotic management of patients undergoing orthopaedic operations, especially joint(More)
Abstract. In Pattern Recognition, vol. 36, 2003, Hou proposed a four-share visual cryptography scheme for color images. The scheme splits a secret image into four shares, the black mask and the other three shares. It was claimed that without knowing the black mask, no information about the secret image can be obtained even if all the other three shares are(More)
BACKGROUND The lower limb osteometry of Chinese differs from that of whites. The joint line of the knee in the coronal plane in Chinese is more medially inclined and the posterior condylar angle of the distal femur in the axial plane is larger. However, it is unclear whether there is any direct association between the coronal plane and axial plane(More)
Venous thromboembolism can occur in up to 84% of cases following total joint replacement. It can result in pain, swelling, chronic post-thrombotic syndrome, and pulmonary embolism. Its prevention is vital to the success of the surgery. To achieve a safe and effective prophylaxis, a combination of mechanical and pharmacologic agents should be used. New(More)