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Turnouts are probably the most important infrastructure elements of the railway system because of its effect on the system safety, reliability and quality of the service. In this paper, a predictive maintenance system in point mechanism, called RCM 2 , has been implemented for increasing the quality service. RCM 2 is based on the integration of the two(More)
The authors of this paper review how complex entities, composed of many interdependent subsystems, such as international rail operators, can improve their ability to recover from incidents through the better management of key interfaces. The principles of Normal Accident Theory and resilience engineering are discussed, and the case study of the Eurostar(More)
The problem of high rates of false alarms in patient monitoring in anesthesiology and intensive care medicine is well known but remains unsolved. False alarms desensitize the medical staff, leading to ignored true alarms and reduced quality of patient care. A database of intra-operative monitoring data was analyzed to find characteristic alarm patterns. The(More)