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A survey of online failure prediction methods
With the ever-growing complexity and dynamicity of computer systems, proactive fault management is an effective approach to enhancing availability. Online failure prediction is the key to suchExpand
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Using Hidden Semi-Markov Models for Effective Online Failure Prediction
A proactive handling of faults requires that the risk of upcoming failures is continuously assessed. One of the promising approaches is online failure prediction, which means that the current stateExpand
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Predicting failures of computer systems: a case study for a telecommunication system
The goal of online failure prediction is to forecast imminent failures while the system is running. This paper compares similar events prediction (SEP) with two other well-known techniques for onlineExpand
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Analysis of service availability for time-triggered rejuvenation policies
In this paper we investigate the effect of three time-triggered system rejuvenation policies on service availability using a queuing model. The model is formulated as an extended stochastic Petri netExpand
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Event-based Failure Prediction: An Extended Hidden Markov Model Approach
  • Felix Salfner
  • Computer Science
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  • 2008
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Error Log Processing for Accurate Failure Prediction
Error logs are a fruitful source of information both for diagnosis as well as for proactive fault handling - however elaborate data preparation is necessary to filter out valuable pieces ofExpand
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Downtime Analysis of Virtual Machine Live Migration
Virtual machine environments like VMware, XEN, KVM, and Hyper-V support live migration of guest operating systems, which is used in data centers to provide uninterrupted service during maintenance orExpand
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Advanced Failure Prediction in Complex Software Systems
The availability of software systems can be increased by preventive measures which are triggered by failure prediction mechanisms. In this paper we present and evaluate two non-parametric techniquesExpand
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Dependable Estimation of Downtime for Virtual Machine Live Migration
Modern virtualization environments allow the live migration of running systems for load balancing and failover purposes in case of failing hosts. The overall duration of such migration and the shortExpand
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Predicting Failures with Hidden Markov Models
A key challenge for proactive handling of faults is the prediction of system failures. The main principle of the approach presented here is to identify and recognize patterns of errors that lead toExpand
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