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In a previous study we investigated the effects of aromatic fluorine substitution on the strengths of the halogen bonds in halobenzene…acetone complexes (halo = chloro, bromo, and iodo). In this work, we have examined the origins of these halogen bonds (excluding the iodo systems), more specifically, the relative contributions of electrostatic and(More)
Approximately 30-50% of the >30 million HIV-infected subjects develop neurological complications ranging from mild symptoms to dementia. HIV does not infect neurons, and the molecular mechanisms behind HIV-associated neurocognitive decline are not understood. There are several hypotheses to explain the development of dementia in HIV(+) individuals,(More)
BACKGROUND Children adopted from Eastern Europe are at risk of prenatal alcohol exposure, consequently at risk of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD). To our knowledge, a systematic complete assessment of these disabilities among adoptees from Eastern Europe has not yet been reported. OBJECTIVE To assess physical and neurodevelopmental status to(More)
Wireless Sensor Network for their rapid deployment can be used in habitat monitoring for detecting fire and in disaster for helping rescue teams. Node localization is key factor for some applications. We propose the Triangular Centroid Localization algorithm (TCL). It is based in simple trigonometric figures and it does not require special hardware or(More)
In the past several years, halogen bonds have been shown to be relevant in crystal engineering and biomedical applications. One of the reasons for the utility of these types of noncovalent interactions in the development of, for example, pharmaceutical ligands is that their strengths and geometric properties are very tunable. That is, substitution of atoms(More)
In previous work we have developed a new hybrid approach for handling ill-shaped elements possibly appearing after cutting simulation meshes. In this work we compare the approach with existing standard techniques commonly employed to treat topological changes in deformation meshes. Our results indicate that the hybrid approach might be better suited for(More)
Wireless sensor networks can be used in habitat monitoring for detecting fire, in disaster for helping rescue teams and in agriculture for sensing humidity. Node localization is essential for some important sensor network applications. Despite the high relative accuracy of some localization algorithms, node localization is still an opened research area, due(More)
As far as we know, there is not a Node Localization Algorithm (NLA) that presents the same accuracy for all possible scenarios. We believe that a NLA should be able to "interpret" the dynamic information of the environment. In this sense, simple NLAs are rather focused and might perform well for specific scenarios and applications. Therefore,(More)
This paper presents an approach for managing a synthetic model of culture based on the cognitive processes that allow humans to display culturally biased behaviors. We present cognitive agents as the underlying methodology for simulating such processes, introducing their main capabilities and using them to simulate the main processes involved in culture(More)