Felix Martinez

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Antibiotic residues that may be present in carcasses of medicated livestock could pass to and greatly reduce scavenger wildlife populations. We surveyed residues of the quinolones enrofloxacin and its metabolite ciprofloxacin and other antibiotics (amoxicillin and oxytetracycline) in nestling griffon Gyps fulvus, cinereous Aegypius monachus and Egyptian(More)
Department of Defense and Homeland Security analysts are increasingly using multi-agent simulation (MAS) to examine national security issues. This paper summarizes three MAS national security studies conducted at the Naval Postgraduate School. The first example explores equipment and employment options for protecting critical infrastructure. The second case(More)
The optimization of cryopreservation extenders is a fundamental issue for adequately performing germplasm banking on wild species. We have tested two glycerol concentrations (4 and 8%), and three extender osmolalities (320, 380 and 430 mOsm/kg; before adding cryoprotectants), for cryopreservation of epididymal and ejaculated sperm samples from Iberian red(More)
Sperm cryopreservation protocols for brown bear (Ursus arctos) require the centrifugation of semen samples to increase sperm concentration and to clean urine in contaminated samples. We evaluated the effect of centrifugation regimes (time and relative centrifugal force—RCF) on the quantity of sperm recovered and the quality of post-thawed sperm. Thirteen(More)
Ecologists and conservation biologists seem increasingly attracted to sophisticated modelling approaches, sometimes at the expense of attention to data quality and appropriateness of fieldwork design. This dissociation may lead to a loss of perspective promoting biological unrealities as conclusions, which may be used in conservation applications. We(More)
1 This work sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy Abstract The 6.7 MeV, 100 mA proton beam being produced in the Low Energy Demonstration Accelerator (LEDA) RFQ is being injected into a 52 magnet lattice in order to study the charged-beam phenomenon known as beam halo [1]. Quadrupole magnets in the lattice are purposely mismatched to cause or amplify(More)
This is the first study based on a planned and intensive sampling effort that describes the community composition and structure of the ground-dwelling arthropod assemblage of Península Valdés (Patagonia). It was carried out using pitfall traps, opened for two weeks during the summers of 2005, 2006 and 2007. A total of 28,111 individuals were caught.(More)
A fungal gene encoding a transcription factor is expressed from its own promoter in Arabidopsis phloem and improves drought tolerance by reducing transpiration and increasing osmotic potential. Horizontal gene transfer from unrelated organisms has occurred in the course of plant evolution, suggesting that some foreign genes may be useful to plants. The(More)
Molecular weight, stiffness, temperature, and polymer and ionic concentrations are known to widely influence the viscosity of polymer solutions. Additionally, polymer molecular weight—which is related to its dimensions in solution—is one of its most important characteristics. In this communication, low molecular weight DNA from salmon sperm was purified and(More)