Felix Mariut

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The paper proposes a three steps algorithm that automatically detects, classifies and recognizes traffic signs from images taken from a car running along European road. Traffic signs are detected by analyzing the color information contained in the images using HSV color space. Detected signs are then classified using correlation with standard sign shapes.(More)
The paper presents an algorithm designed to face and facial features (eyes, eyebrows) detection. First, human skin regions are segmented and processed by morphological operators to detect the human face. After the face has been detected, a series of parameters that will be taken into account by the eyes detection stage are calculated. The most important(More)
The paper presents a high speed video processing algorithm designed to measure several parameters related to eyelid movements during blinking. First, the facial features of the subject are detected and tracked; then, the eye regions of interest are extracted using data regarding face orientation and eyebrows position. In the next stage, eye contour and(More)
A traffic sign recognition (TSR) system is a driver assistance tool that automatically recognizes traffic signs placed along the road. Such a system can disburden the driver by this task and can significantly increase traffic safety, by warning the driver about them. This system is part of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), systems that have the(More)
The paper presents a multiphase, modular power converter for the development of multiphase drive control. The proposed converter uses the Power Electronic Building Block (PEBB) concept and uses six independent three-phase Intelligent Power Modules (IPMs). Each power unit is equipped with a local FPGA-based board that communicates with a Rapid Prototyping(More)
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