Felix Manuel Zörgiebel

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Enzyme rates are usually considered to be dependent on local properties of the molecules involved in reactions. However, for large molecules, distant constraints might affect reaction rates by affecting dynamics leading to transition states. In single-molecule experiments we have found that enzymes that relax DNA torsional stress display rates that depend(More)
We present a theoretical framework for the calculation of charge transport through nanowire-based Schottky-barrier field-effect transistors that is conceptually simple but still captures the relevant physical mechanisms of the transport process. Our approach combines two approaches on different length scales: (1) the finite element method is used to model(More)
Here we propose a platform for the detection of unlabeled human α-thrombin down to the picomolar range in a fluorescence-based aptamer assay. In this concept, thrombin is captured between two different thrombin binding aptamers, TBA1 (15mer) and TBA2 (29mer), each labeled with a specific fluorescent dye. One aptamer is attached to the surface, the second(More)
The conjunction of miniature nanosensors and droplet-based microfluidic systems conceptually opens a new route toward sensitive, optics-less analysis of biochemical processes with high throughput, where a single device can be employed for probing of thousands of independent reactors. Here we combine droplet microfluidics with the compact silicon nanowire(More)
We demonstrate a pH sensor based on ultrasensitive nanosize Schottky junctions formed within bottom-up grown dopant-free arrays of assembled silicon nanowires. A new measurement concept relying on a continuous gate sweep is presented, which allows the straightforward determination of the point of maximum sensitivity of the device and allows sensing(More)
For the development of ultra-sensitive electrical bio/chemical sensors based on nanowire field-effect-transistors (FET), the influence of the ions in the solution on the electron transport has to be understood. For this purpose we establish a simulation platform for nanowire FETs in the liquid environment by implementing the modified Poisson-Boltzmann model(More)
Radioaktive Isotope und die ihnen zugrundeliegende RadioisotopenmeBtechnik sind in allen Bereichen der Naturwissenschaften ein unentbehrliches Hilfsmittel geworden, um die Verteilung yon Stoffen in, an und auf toten oder lebenden Objekten zu erfassen. In nahezu t 2000 Publikationen bedienten sich bisher die Wissenschaftler zur Darstellung ihrer(More)
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