Felix Mance

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Broadly speaking, there are two kinds of semantics-aware assistant systems for mathematics: proof assistants express the semantic in logic and emphasize deduction, and computer algebra systems express the semantics in programming languages and emphasize computation. Combining the complementary strengths of both approaches while mending their complementary(More)
Scala is a general purpose programming language that includes a read-eval-print loop (REPL). Mmt is a general representation language for formal mathematical knowledge implemented in Scala. Independent recent developments permit combining them into an extremely simple user interface that can act as a nucleus for a variety of systems. Firstly, Scala(More)
This paper describes ETH Zurich’s submission to the TREC 2016 Clinical Decision Support (CDS) track. In three successive stages, we apply query expansion based on literal as well as semantic term matches, rank documents in a negation-aware manner and, finally, re-rank them based on clinical intent types as well as semantic and conceptual affinity to the(More)
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