Felix Machı́n

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The tandem array of ribosomal DNA (rDNA) in Saccharomyces cerevisiae is subjected to transcriptional silencing of RNA polymerase II-transcribed genes. This form of silencing depends on SIR2 and has been tightly linked to the suppression of rDNA recombination and the control of cellular lifespan. Paradoxically, rDNA silencing takes place in the context of an(More)
  • B. Biescas, V. Sallarès, +5 authors A. Calahorrano
  • 2008
[1] This work illustrates the great potential of multichannel seismic reflection data to extract information from the finestructure of meddies with exceptional lateral resolution (10–15 m). We present seismic images of three meddies acquired in the Gulf of Cadiz (SW Iberian Peninsula), which consist of concentric reflectors forming oval shapes that sharply(More)
[1] Based on hydrographic sections carried out during the last decade in the Canary region at 29 100N, we show that there has been a statistically significant rise in temperature and salinity on isobars between 1500 and 2300 db. The maximum increase, found at 1600 db, is occurring at a rate of 0.29 C and 0.047 per decade. Isobaric change decomposition into(More)
[1] We apply an inverse model to a hydrographic cruise that completely closes the Canary Islands to investigate their effect on the water masses transports. Most central waters are transported south between the eastern islands and the African coast, with 2.5 Sv out of a total of 3.5 Sv. Intermediate waters are effectively blocked by the islands passages,(More)
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