Felix Leupold

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In RFID-aided supply chains captured location-based event data is stored in distributed repositories. Performing anti-counterfeiting involves checks on the good's path in the supply chain. The path is reconstructed by querying corresponding event data from distributed repositories. The object name service performs lookups of relevant event repositories in(More)
Fast control of quantum systems is essential to make use of quantum properties before they degrade by decoherence. This is important for quantum-enhanced information processing, as well as for pushing quantum systems towards the boundary between quantum and classical physics. 'Bang-bang' control attains the ultimate speed limit by making large changes to(More)
The robust generation of quantum states in the presence of decoherence is a primary challenge for explorations of quantum mechanics at larger scales. Using the mechanical motion of a single trapped ion, we utilize reservoir engineering to generate squeezed, coherent, and displaced-squeezed states as steady states in the presence of noise. We verify the(More)
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