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Due to the size of the required equipment, automated laboratory systems are often unavailable or impractical for use in small- and mid-sized laboratories. However, recent developments in automation engineering provide endless possibilities for incorporating benchtop devices. Here, the authors describe the development of a platform technology to handle(More)
A novel, non-destructive method for the biomass estimation of biological samples on culture dishes was developed. To achieve this, a photogrammetric system, which consists of a digital single-lens reflex camera (DSLR), an illuminated platform where the culture dishes are positioned and an Arduino board which controls the capturing process, was constructed.(More)
The review presents a comprehensive overview on available solutions for the monitoring and modeling of various aspects of hairy root growth processes. Several online and offline measurement principles get explained exemplary and are being compared. It was found that no direct online measurement principle for hairy root biomass in submerged and solid-state(More)
Benchtop lab automation systems address specific, recurring tasks in small or mid-sized laboratories. With the versatile, standardized PetriJet platform technology the handling of culture dishes has been automated completely. Through a range of different processing stations different tasks such as multi-perspective imaging can be carried out without user(More)
An agent-based model for simulating the in vitro growth of Beta vulgaris hairy root cultures is described. The model fitting is based on experimental results and can be used as a virtual experimentator for root networks. It is implemented in the JAVA language and is designed to be easily modified to describe the growth of diverse biological root networks.(More)
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