Felix Largiadèr

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Over the last 20 yr, 245 patients with chronic pancreatitis (163 with alcoholic relapsing pancreatitis; 145 of them with calcific pancreatitis) were prospectively studied at regular intervals with particular regard to pain, pancreatic functions, calcifications, pancreatic surgery, and survival. The median period of observation in the group with alcoholic(More)
In a multiinstitutional review, data on 396 patients with benign solitary or multiple insulinomas operated on in 15 centers were collected. In these 396 patients, 419 laparotomies (375 primary procedures and 44 reoperations) were performed. The rate of unnecessary laparotomies was 1.7%. Complications occurred after 132 operations (31.5%), requiring 27(More)
The clinical and renal biopsy findings in 3 patients with recurrent focal and segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSG) are reported, as well as the results of a survey among 17 European centers totaling 27 kidney-transplanted children with FSG. From these 27 patients, 10 had recurrent FSG. The duration of the original disease was less than 3 years in 9 of them.(More)
The routine use of intraoperative cholangiography during cholecystectomy has been debated extensively. Intraoperative ultrasonography was a quick, efficient alternative in open cholecystectomy. A prospective controlled trial to evaluate its usefulness in laparoscopic cholecystectomy is reported. Two groups of 100 patients each were examined during operation(More)
OBJECTIVES To compare the outcome of autogenous arteriovenous fistulas (AVF) with interposition graft fistulas for hemodialysis access. DESIGN Retrospective clinical study. SETTING Department of Surgery, Zurich University Hospital. METHODS Primary and secondary patency rates were calculated by life tables. Factors potentially affecting patency were(More)
92 patients with fibromuscular hyperplasia (FMH) seen at the University Hospital Zurich were studied. Renovascular FMH was the most frequent manifestation of the disease (89%). FMH of the cerebral arteries was seen in 26%. The intestinal and subclavian arteries were involved in 9% each and the iliac arteries in 5% of the patients. In 2 patients each FMH of(More)
To assess the diagnostic and prognostic value of renal venous renin levels in renovascular hypertension, 95 patients with severe unilateral renal artery stenosis were studied. Surgery (n = 52) or percutaneous transluminal dilation (n = 43) were done irrespective of renal venous renin levels. Lateralization of renin secretion as assessed by the PRA ratio and(More)
This report describes a retrospective study concerning 314 patients suffering from acute abdominal pain admitted to the surgical emergency unit of Zürich University Hospital in 1992. Basic diagnostic work-up (history, physical examination, blood tests, sonography and abdominal X-ray) revealed the final diagnosis in 188 patients. Sonography was essential in(More)
A number of studies have shown that ultrasound has an advantage over physical examination in the diagnosis of acute appendicitis. Most of these studies were conducted by experts in the field of ultrasonography. In this study the influence of experience on the results of the sonography of actue appendicitis were evaluated. All 203 patients admitted to our(More)
Despite improved surgical techniques there is still a risk of mortality in elective general surgery. In a prospective study preoperative data from 3250 patients were collected and compared with postoperative systemic complications, using univariate chi 2 analysis. Highly significant (P < 0.00001) variables were subjected to stepwise logistic regression(More)