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Kinins are vasoactive peptides that play important roles in cardiovascular homeostasis, pain and inflammation. After release from their precursor kininogens, kinins or their C-terminal des-Arg metabolites activate two distinct G protein-coupled receptors (GPCR), called B2 (B2R) or B1 (B1R). The B2R is expressed constitutively with a wide tissue(More)
In data-communication networks, network reliability is of great concern to both network operators and customers. Therefore, network operators want to determine what services could be affected by software vulnerabilities being exploited that are present within their data-communication network. To determine what services could be affected by a software(More)
With the growing deployment of host and network intrusion detection systems in increasingly large and complex communication networks, managing low-level events from these systems becomes critically important. A network has multiple tasks, which consist of multiple network services aiding the execution of a task. An emerging track of security research has(More)
With the help of frontal cuts through casts of skulls of Pongids we demonstrated the postnatal development of the form of the hard palate. The form of the hard palate is similar to a semicircle in the frontal cut. In the Chimpanzee the palatal form in the frontal cut ist not as semicircular as in the other great apes and is similar to the palatal form of(More)
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