Felix Grasser

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The Industrial Electronics Laboratory at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) in Lausanne has built a prototype of a revolutionary two-wheeled vehicle. Due to its configuration with two coaxial wheels, each of which is coupled to a DC Motor, the vehicle is able to do stationary U-turns. A control system, made up of two decoupled state space(More)
Maintaining a fuel cell (FC) system in correct operating conditions when subjected to fast load changes requires good system control. The best results are typically achieved using model-based control strategies. This paper elaborates a control-oriented proton exchange membrane FC system model in two distinct steps. First, the FC auxiliary systems (i.e., air(More)
OBJECTIVE The non-invasive fetal ECG (NI-FECG) from abdominal recordings offers novel prospects for prenatal monitoring. However, NI-FECG signals are corrupted by various non-stationary noise sources, making the processing of abdominal recordings a challenging task. In this contribution, we present an online approach that dynamically assess the quality of(More)
The comparison of the results of two insulin assays, a RIA using a polyclonal antibody and a EMIA using two monoclonal antibodies in blood samples collected during an oral glucose load in normal, obese, glucose intolerant and type II diabetic patients indicated that hyperinsulinemia of obese and glucose intolerant patients is not associated to increased(More)
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