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OptumHealth tested the feasibility of physician-directed population management in 3 primary care practices and with 546 continuously insured patients who exhibited claims markers for coronary artery disease, diabetes, and/or hypertension. During the intervention portion of the study, we asked physicians to improve the following health measurements: blood(More)
For his thirst for knowledge, and for passing it on. Acknowledgments This thesis (and my entire college career, for that matter) owes its existence to a plethora of people who have, in their own way, contributed both to me personally and to its development. First and foremost I have to thank my wife Judy for originally planting the idea of returning to(More)
BACKGROUND One strategy to foster adoption of computerized provider order entry (CPOE) by physicians is the monthly distribution of a list identifying the number and use rate percentage of orders entered electronically versus on paper by each physician in the facility. Physicians care about CPOE use rate reports because they support the patient safety and(More)
Integer programming algorithms based on the ordered enumeration method are described. Combining dynamic programming and branch and bound ideas in one efficient computational process, S. S. Lebedev implemented his method for solving integer linear programming problems in 1968. A number of ordered enumeration algorithms were developed since the 1970's. The(More)
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