Felix Espina

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Optical burst switching networks offer the capacity needed by bandwidth hungry services like video distribution to home subscribers. This paper shows the effect that the burst formation mechanism and its parameters has on video traffic flows. The dependence among video frames in MPEG flows shows a noticeable effect on the total number of frames that the(More)
OBS networks offer a highly efficient transport infrastructure for bursty data traffic. Video streaming content distribution networks are a clear candidate to use this promising technology. Traffic injected into an OBS network is a burst arrival process whose characteristics depend not only on input traffic parameters but also on design parameters of the(More)
Optical Burst Switching (OBS) is an optical switching technology capable of supporting large demands for bandwidth in optical backbones with Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM). This paper presents an OBS simulation model for the discrete event simulator OMNeT++. The performance of this model is compared with the performance of the well-known INET(More)
ETOMIC is a network traffic measurement platform with high precision GPS-synchronized monitoring nodes. The infrastructure is publicly available to the network research community, supporting advanced experimental techniques by providing high precision hardware equipments and a Central Management System. Researchers can deploy their own active measurement(More)
This paper presents and studies objective video quality evaluation techniques for a network where frame losses can be considered independent, for example a best effort not heavy loaded packet switching network. The total or partial loss of a frame’s information affects the quality of video playback, as the frame cannot be decoded and other frames that(More)
Optical Burst Switching (OBS) es una nueva tecnología de conmutación óptica capaz de soportar una gran demanda de ancho de banda en backbones ópticos con Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM). Muchos investigadores están interesados en el estudio de esta propuesta emergente y la búsqueda de sus parámetros y entornos de funcionamiento óptimos. Sin embargo(More)
This paper presents two novel cloning schemes for video delivery in Optical Burst Switching Networks. These schemes take into account the special characteristics of compressed video traffic and dramatically improve received video quality. Analytical and simulation results show up to 40% quality improvement without a substantial increase in the overall(More)
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