Felix-Constantin Adochiei

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Recently, methods have been developed to analyse couplings in dynamic systems. In the field of medical analysis of complex cardiovascular and cardiorespiratory systems, there is growing interest in how insights may be gained into the interaction between regulatory mechanisms in healthy and diseased persons. The couplings within and between these systems can(More)
In the last years the demographic changes and ageing of population increase health care demand. Increasing number of chronic patients and elders requires close attention to their health conditions. In this paper we present the realization of a wireless monitoring system capable to measure process and transmit patient's physiologic signals(More)
UNLABELLED A complex goal in biomedical information technology today is the design and implementation of telemedicine and e-health solutions, which provide (chronic) patients and elderly people services that can enhance their quality of life. MATERIAL AND METHODS We used wireless sensor network technology, low-power integrated embedded systems and(More)
In the current paper we propose a new software procedure for processing data from an inertial navigation system boarded on a moving vehicle, in order to achieve accurate navigation information on the displacement of the vehicle in terms of position, speed, acceleration and direction. We divided our research in three phases. In the first phase of our(More)
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