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PURPOSE The present paper assessed the validity of single-item life satisfaction measures by comparing single-item measures to the Satisfaction with Life Scale (SWLS)-a more psychometrically established measure. METHODS Two large samples from Washington (N = 13,064) and Oregon (N = 2,277) recruited by the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System and a(More)
Previous research shows that the correlation between income and life satisfaction is small to medium in size. We hypothesized that income may mean different things to people at different ages and, therefore, that the association between income and life satisfaction may vary at different points in the life course. We tested this hypothesis in 3 nationally(More)
A 32-channel front-end circuit for wireless Human Interface Devices (HID) is described. The front-end incorporates a Sigma-Delta ADC combined with an inverse-STF pre-filtering technique to achieve 10.8 ENOB at a conversion rate of 7.5µs per channel. Chopping and digital calibration are employed to achieve an offset voltage < 850µV and gain(More)