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We present the data from a crowdsourced project seeking to replicate findings in independent laboratories before (rather than after) they are published. In this Pre-Publication Independent Replication (PPIR) initiative, 25 research groups attempted to replicate 10 moral judgment effects from a single laboratory's research pipeline of unpublished findings.(More)
A 32-channel front-end circuit for wireless Human Interface Devices (HID) is described. The front-end incorporates a Sigma-Delta ADC combined with an inverse-STF pre-filtering technique to achieve 10.8 ENOB at a conversion rate of 7.5µs per channel. Chopping and digital calibration are employed to achieve an offset voltage < 850µV and gain(More)
Aberrant chromosomal fusion of the Ewing's sarcoma oncogene (EWS) to several different cellular partners produces the Ewing's family of oncoproteins (EWS-fusion-proteins, EFPs) and associated tumors (EFTs). EFPs are potent transcriptional activators, dependent on the N-terminal region of EWS (the EWS-activation-domain, EAD) and this function is thought to(More)