Felix Brandl

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Major depressive disorder (MDD) is characterized by altered intrinsic functional connectivity within (intra-iFC) intrinsic connectivity networks (ICNs), such as the Default Mode- (DMN), Salience- (SN) and Central Executive Network (CEN). It has been proposed that aberrant switching between DMN-mediated self-referential and CEN-mediated goal-directed(More)
In major depressive disorder, depressive episodes reoccur in ∼60% of cases; however, neural mechanisms of depressive relapse are poorly understood. Depressive episodes are characterized by aberrant topology of the brain's intrinsic functional connectivity network, and the number of episodes is one of the most important predictors for depressive relapse. In(More)
Surgery on the shoulder often causes severe pain and, therefore, requires high doses of opiates. As postoperative pain is frequently treated inadequately, it is desirable to seek alternatives for providing effective analgesia. In a prospective study we examined the efficacy of balanced anesthesia consisting of general anesthesia combined with interscalene(More)
This study evaluated arterial catheter oximetry versus pulse oximetry in eight patients (ASA III-IV) who underwent cardiac surgery. Co-oximeter saturation values served as the standard. Arterial oxygen saturation was determined simultaneously with these three methods at 162 prospectively defined points of measurement before, during, and after(More)
Cognitive emotion regulation (CER) enables humans to flexibly modulate their emotions. While local theories of CER neurobiology suggest interactions between specialized local brain circuits underlying CER, e.g., in subparts of amygdala and medial prefrontal cortices (mPFC), global theories hypothesize global interaction increases among larger functional(More)
This study evaluates the measurement of oxygen saturation by arterial catheter oximetry and pulse oximetry. The values are compared to values obtained by CO-oximetry. METHODS. In eight patients undergoing cardiac surgery, we determined the oxygen saturation of arterial and mixed-venous blood by CO-oximetry (IL 282, Instrumentation Lab) at prospectively(More)
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