Felix Bloos

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We tested the hypothesis that the type of fluid infused to chronically maintain intravascular volumes would modify both microvascular integrity and cellular structure in extrapulmonary organs in hyperdynamic sepsis. After cecal ligation and perforation, awake sheep were treated for 48 h with 10% pentastarch (n = 9), 10% pentafraction (Du Pont Critical Care;(More)
Die Stellungnahme von Zander et al. nimmt für sich in Anspruch, Methodik und Ergebnisse der zu diesem Zeitpunkt noch nicht publizierten VISEP-Studie zum Stellenwert von Hydroxyäthylstärke (HES) und Insulin in der Therapie der schweren Sepsis kritisch zu evaluieren. Bedauerlicherweise gehen die Autoren von einer Reihe falscher Annahmen zu Protokoll,(More)
This study was undertaken to describe the metabolic O2 reserve of the coronary circulation in an awake sheep model of hyperdynamic sepsis. Forty-eight hours after sheep were randomized to either a SHAM group (n = 8) or a cecal ligation and perforation (CLP) group (n = 8), we measured hemodynamics, organ blood flows, and systemic and myocardial O2 metabolism(More)
Although a lower transfusion trigger is generally recommended, little evidence is available about the physiological mechanisms of mild anemia in diseases with an imbalance between O2 supply and O2 demand such as sepsis. This study was undertaken to describe the systemic and coronary metabolic O2 reserve in an awake sheep model of hyperdynamic sepsis(More)
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