Felix Becker

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Transfusion-related acute lung injury (TRALI) is a hazardous but little-known complication of blood transfusion, characterized by non-cardiogenic lung oedema after blood transfusion. Leucoagglutinating antibodies in the donor plasma are considered to play a central role in the pathogenesis of TRALI but no recommended procedure currently exists for their(More)
BACKGROUND Platelet activation at sites of vascular injury is essential for hemostasis, but it is also a major pathomechanism underlying ischemic injury. Because anti-inflammatory therapies limit thrombosis and antithrombotic therapies reduce vascular inflammation, we tested the therapeutic potential of 2 proresolving endogenous mediators, annexin A1(More)
BACKGROUND Although inflammation-induced expansion of the intestinal lymphatic vasculature (lymphangiogenesis) is known to be a crucial event in limiting inflammatory processes, through clearance of interstitial fluid and immune cells, considerably less is known about the impact of an impaired lymphatic clearance function (as seen in inflammatory bowel(More)
Alterations in the intestinal lymphatic network are well-established features of human and experimental inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). Such lymphangiogenic expansion might enhance classic intestinal lymphatic transport, eliminating excess accumulations of fluid, inflammatory cells and mediators, and could therefore be interpreted as an 'adaptive'(More)
Inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD) are chronic idiopathic inflammatory conditions characterized by relapsing and remitting episodes of inflammation which can affect several different regions of the gastrointestinal tract, but also shows extra-intestinal manifestations. IBD is most frequently diagnosed during peak female reproductive years, with 25% of women(More)
Cytomegalovirus (CMV) infects 60-100% of the population worldwide. CMV has been implicated in many diseases through the induction of inflammation. Inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) affects over 1 million Americans annually. IBD, in particular ulcerative colitis, has been associated with CMV infection. Here we use a murine model to test if both primary and(More)
AIM To investigate whether regional geography influences ethnic and gender trends for the development of gastric cancer (GC). METHODS This retrospective analysis of the INVISION patient database at Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center-Shreveport (LSUHSC-S), a southern United States regional hospital, was performed from 2005-2011. Using the(More)
OBJECTIVE GERD is among the most common outpatient disease processes encountered by clinicians on a daily basis. This review provides insights about how to approach GERD in terms of disease management and treatment. METHODS Review articles were searched using PUBMED and MEDLINE using criteria that included English language articles published in the last 5(More)
Within the anterior eye, like the peripheral circulation, lymphatics preserve tissue fluid balance and immune cell recirculation; however, the choroid does not consistently exhibit conventional lymphatics, and the system for removal of excess interstitial fluid and antigen-presenting cells from the posterior eye is not yet well understood. The presence of(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE The lymphatic system maintains tissue homeostasis by unidirectional lymph flow, maintained by tonic and phasic contractions within subunits, 'lymphangions'. Here we have studied the effects of the inflammatory cytokine IL-1β on tonic contraction of rat mesenteric lymphatic muscle cells (RMLMC). EXPERIMENTAL APPROACH We measured(More)